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Fear of flying, plane from above

Top tips for the fearful flyer

Over the past year, a number of my friends seem to have developed an unexpected fear of flying. Interestingly, for all of them this fear has stemmed from one bad experience, […]

Airline age of the planes you fly on

How old are the planes you are flying on?

In recent times I’ve come to accept service in the airline industry is generally going down. You probably wouldn’t be surprised to find I have been on flights with broken […]

Aircraft Approach Sunset

How safe is the airline industry?

Safety in the airline industry With two high profile disasters for Malaysia Airlines – MH370 in March and MH17 in July it seems over the last few months we have […]

Warsaw to Mumbai flight

Cheap flight to Mumbai (Bombay)

Europe to Mumbai from £281/€356 return with Turkish Airlines.   Lately it seems lots of flights departing from Warsaw in Poland seem to have great fares to the Americas and […]