How to cope with jet lag

Coping with the effects of jet lag. Flight taking off.

Whether you are a frequent or occasional flier, chances are jet lag will hit you at some stage. Here’s Earth Uncovered’s guide to coping with jet lag.


The best rooftop bars in London

London Rooftop Bar, Roofnic

The rare moments we get some sunshine in London we all want to enjoy it in style. Here’s Earth Uncovered’s guide to the best rooftop bars in London for a happy summer.


Am I too nice for the London Underground?

London Underground sign

No fewer than three times this week have I missed getting on a London underground train? My problem, I’m just too nice when it comes to commuting. Don’t get me wrong every now and then I have my moments of rage but for the large part I realised I’m far too nice. Three times this week I have let my fellow passengers board ahead of me and missed out boarding the train. It’s therefore in satirical fashion I present to you my survival guide for the London Underground. (more…)

Barceló Torre Arias: Hotel Review

Lobby of the Barceló Torre Arias Hotel in Madrid, Spain.

Majestic Madrid is one of my favourite European cities. It’s full of history, culture, great food and most importantly, as a Brit lots and lots of sunshine. Each time I have been to Madrid I have somehow found my way to the Barceló Torre Arias hotel, whether to sleep or enjoy the culinary delights. Perhaps it’s the excellent service, friendly staff or just that the hotel feels like my home from home. Either way, the hotel is definitely one of my favourites in Europe. Read on for my review of the 4 star Barceló Torre Arias.


How many of these famous London landmarks do you recognise?

Tower Bridge and Shard London

On approach to Heathrow I had a spectacular view of London and many of its famous landmarks. How many of these landmarks do you recognise? (more…)

10 stunnning images of the Northern Lights

Northern Lights Iceland

As the best period to see the Northern Lights draws to an end, Earth Uncovered shares some of the best images of the spectacular natural phenomenon from Instagram.


Where is the best seat on a plane?

Airline interior seat

We’ve all endured a flight from hell . Whether it was the crying baby next to you, the kid behind you kicking your seat, the passive aggressive battle for the armrest or just a lack of legroom, flying isn’t always the most fun of experiences.  Despite problems outside of my control the one I am in control of is where I choose to sit. When it comes to picking a seat on a plane I for one am super super picky. I’m picky because choosing the right seat can make all the difference between the best and worst flight ever.


There’s a floating house on the Thames

Floating House Big Ben

Yes you read correctly.

The latest listing on Airbnb is a bright blue house with two bedrooms, living room, bathroom (I wander whether waste goes directly in to the Thames) and garden featuring a doghouse, real grass and an apple tree. (more…)

Blub: Berlin’s abandoned pools

Abandoned Berlin Blub Berlin air and Badeparadies

Berlin is the city that never ceases to amaze me. Every time I go, it seems there is something new and interesting to explore in what I argue is Europe’s most interesting city. On the most recent trip, having wanted to go a number of times, I got to explore some of the old and abandoned buildings of Berlin. Special thanks to Kolja and Philipp for taking time out of their day to visit some abandoned buildings with me.


What are people most obsessed with where you live?


Prostitutes, kidneys & nose jobs are just a handful of the top Google requests in countries worldwide.


A different perspective

New Zealand born photographer Amos Chapple takes the world of photography quite literally to new heights. Mounting a camera to a drone Amos has photographed some of the worlds most iconic buildings from a complete different perspective allowing us to glimpse them in ways they have never been seen before. Check out a selection of Amos’ stunning work below and be sure to visit his website for more breathtaking images:


Hilton Berlin Hotel: Hotel Review

Hilton Berlin Hotel

It’s no secret Berlin is one of my favourite European cities. A few weeks back I was fortunate to stay at the five star Hilton Berlin Hotel. Right from check-in to check-out I had a great experience. Read on for more.


One night in Bangkok…and a bit longer

Wat Arun temple Bangkok

From a rich culture and shoppers paradise to top notch food, Matt Taylor shares the things to see and do when visiting Bangkok.


Cuba: The Essentials

Trinidad, Cuba

The big buzz in the travel industry at the moment seems to be Cuba. Everywhere I look people are talking about the island as one of the top 10 destinations to visit in 2015. With a recent thaw in diplomatic relations between the USA and Cuba, it seems Americans are slowly flocking to the island, aided by a number of airline new routes from the USA. I yet have to make up my mind whether I like this or not. Ultimately, the island will prosper economically and socially, but I can’t help but wonder whether the Cuba I know and love will be no more.  A number of people have asked me about Cuba in the last few months so I figured I would post something on my website.


City Guide: Zurich


Despite being the biggest city of Switzerland Zurich may seem rather small when compared to other major cities. Yet – or precisely for this reason – it is a metropolis worth visiting as it combines the buzz of the big city with the charm of a provincial town. Despite being the urban heart of Switzerland, nature is never far away in Zurich. This allows you to combine the “big city life” with relaxing trips to green spots during your stay.