Tricks to enjoy your Dubai desert tour

Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai is known for its efficient and sophisticated infrastructure, along with a well-devised network of shopping, dining, and leisure attractions. Despite its futuristic attractions, traditional culture remains intact here, and for many people, visiting Dubai’s desert and discovering the ancient Bedouin lifestyle and heritage is an elevating experience. After all, there is something unusual about its untamed beauty, which is enchanting and photograph-worthy, meriting a trip in its own right. However, a trip to the desert can present you with some unique challenges. The safety tips mentioned below will help you ensure the best desert safari in Dubai.


Santorini: The stunning Greek island you HAVE to visit

Santorini, Greece

Known as the “Black Pearl of the Aegean”, Santorini is located Southern Aegean Sea, 120 miles southeast of mainland Greece. A popular destination on the European tourist trail, it’s no surprise tourists flock in their thousands to witness the beauty and intrigue of this beautiful island. Whether to admire the colourful architecture in the town of Oia or have swim in the turquoise waters, there is truly something for everyone. Gourmets will love the selection of fresh fish and wine available in the hidden away tavernas or world class restaurants. Barhoppers can enjoy a tipple until the early hours of the morning.  If you are looking to relax, there is no better way to do so than overlooking the beautiful island and its surroundings from high up in an infinity pool. Whatever your reason for visiting, let Santorini inspire you…


Where to dine, drink and dance in Amsterdam

Places to eat in Amsterdam. Interior of Wilde Zwijnen

Along with tulips, bikes and coffee-shops, Amsterdam is well known for its cuisine. Whilst the selection available may not rival London or Paris, the ever growing restaurant scene provides some amazing foods from all corners of the globe. In conjunction with Maison de Canteclaer – providing fantastic accommodation in the heart of Amsterdam, we bring you the places to eat, drink and dance in Amsterdam.


Should I pay to volunteer overseas?

Volunteer abroad

One of the most life changing and exhilarating things you can ever do is to discover and explore. The more we travel, the more we grow and become. The more we challenge our own boundaries , we find we become citizens of the world, not limited to our own bubble. Those of us who have a passion to learn have a yearning to rethink and to unlearn what we thought we knew. It’s therefore no surprise that so many people are looking to volunteer their time and services abroad.


7 tips for visiting the Florida Keys on a budget

Save money when you visit the Florida Keys.

It’s a place more like a Caribbean island than the rest of the USA – the Florida Keys are a tropical paradise that’s easy to reach by car from the mainland of Florida. In addition to being tropical, idyllic, and easy to reach, the Florida Keys are notorious for being expensive. A 2015 lodging study found that “hotel room rates in the Florida Keys have increased every month for over 5 years” and that “most travellers spent an average of $3,062 for total trip expenditures on a four- or five-night stay”. With careful planning, though, you can enjoy the Florida Keys for a small fraction of that hefty price tag. Here are some of the best tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years.


The secret airlines don’t want you to know, that could save you hundreds

Cheap flight deal

Every week, I come across hundreds of travel deals to various exotic, and some non-exotic locations. One of the things which really amazes me is the amount of money you could save just by taking a slight detour. Lately, a number of the deals I have found always seem to start in either Stockholm, Oslo, Warsaw, Madrid, Barcelona or Vienna. Whilst extra time travelling may not be convenient for all, for a slight detour you can save hundreds on your airline ticket, particularly if you are flying long-haul. This can even be with the same airline as I illustrate below.


How old are the planes you are flying on?

Airline age of the planes you fly on

In recent times I’ve come to accept service in the airline industry is generally going down. You probably wouldn’t be surprised to find I have been on flights with broken seats, tray tables and even broken in-flight entertainment systems (no so fun on a 9 hour flight!). I for one, have wandered, if the inside of a plane is in such a bad shape, what about the outside?


7 Unique Wildlife Encounters In The Florida Keys

Iguana - florida keys

All the way at the southern tip of the Florida peninsula you’ll find the Florida Keys – a string of islands that have more in common with Caribbean islands than they do most places in the mainland United States. From the mainland of Florida, visitors can drive 115 miles through the keys, hopping from island to island across scenic bridges until they arrive in Key West – the last inhabited island in the archipelago.

Each island in the Florida Keys offers its own unique charm, and the local wildlife is certainly a big part of that charm. From land-dwelling animals to maritime citizens of the coral reefs just offshore, the Florida Keys are home to a variety of unique and fascinating wildlife. (more…)

Top spa experiences in Prague

The best spa in Prague

Prague is definitely one of the top contenders for my favourite European city. Having been to the city a few times I’m fascinated by central Prague and its maze of cobbled lanes, history and beautiful architecture. Just a matter of minutes from the Old Town Square you can witness some of the most beautiful buildings in Europe. From church domes, hidden courtyards, traditional bars and the sound of classical music somewhere nearby, Prague has heaps to offer every type of tourist. One of the lesser known things about Prague is its reputation as having some of the best spas in Europe. So sit back, relax and read about the best Prague has to offer.


Never eat plane food again – Stay healthy when flying

Healthy travel food whilst flying

Model and nutritional advisor Chloe Thomas shares her top tips on the food you can eat to stay healthy whilst travelling with Earth Uncovered. (more…)

Using your mobile abroad

using your mobile abroad

We have all heard the horror stories of people who’ve used their mobile abroad and ended up with a bill in hundreds. Here are some hints and tips when using your mobile abroad.


Should I go to Greece?

Santorini, Greece

If you are heading to or contemplating a trip to Greece you are no doubt aware that the country’s economic problem has made global news. With Greece in a state economic turmoil, naturally questions arise around whether or not it’s a good time to visit Greece or not. Earth Uncovered looks to answer some key questions.


Tempelhof: Berlin’s abandoned airport

Tempelhof Airport Berlin

Berlin Tempelhof Airport was formerly the main airport of Berlin. It played a pivotal role in the Berlin airlift of 1948-1949 where it literally became the lifeline of West Berlin. With the last commercial flight from Tempelhof on the 30th October 2008, the airport grounds have since become a park for Berliners whilst the mysterious building opens its doors a few times a week for the public to have a rare glimpse behind the scenes.


Stunning images of the midnight sun

Midnight Sun, Sommaroy, Troms Fylke, Norway

With the longest day of the year on June 21st, I had a look through Instagram for pictures of the midnight sun. The midnight sun appears north of the Arctic Circle or south of the Antarctic Circle and is a natural phenomenon whereby the sun is visible at midnight local time.

Enjoy the pictures. The days only get shorter from here (until the winter solstice anyway).


Philips & Elle – The Secrets of In-Flight Salvation

Palm tree on an Island. #Beauty Heroes. Innovation by Philips, curated by Elle

Flying is usually something exciting. Perhaps you’re heading off on holiday or to work on a new project. Either way, you envisage arriving like a radiant Pan-AM girl all glossy make-up and smiles. Yet in reality you arrive looking like you’ve aged 15 years. Welcome to long-haul!