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The culture of travel

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Travel wouldn’t be travel unless you experience what exactly makes the destination come alive. By travelling to different places you get to experience a variety of cultures first-hand from different beliefs and values to a whole new language. Travelling opens your eyes and allows you to experience things that are not common or unheard of in your own culture. It is a great way of learning. Learning about someone else’s culture will enable you to see things in a different light and gain a new perspective, it will also allow you to get to know them better from which you can draw similarities and differences between your culture to theirs.

Most countries all have their own language and by immersing yourself into a new culture, learning the language becomes a lot easier than by learning it at school as you are able to gain a lot more practise by conversing with locals. Every country on Earth differs from the one next to it and so should be explored not only through photos but by actually visiting the place and coming face to face with the culture and embracing it.

The food also differs wherever you go, such as Italian, Ethiopian, Lebanese, Chinese and it is good to try different foods as well as learn about what different cultures eat and if there is a reason behind why they eat this. By learning about new cultures, you also meet new people along the way who can become friends for life and also a place for you to stay in the future.

‘Culture is what separates us from the rest of the living world’ (Professor A C Grayling). It is unavoidable, no matter which country you visit, you will in some way or another learn about their lifestyle and traditions. By experiencing new cultures, you will realise that there is more than one approach to life and you will find new ways of thinking. The most important thing to remember whilst travelling is to keep an open and respectful mind.

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Having travelled in Central America as part of her gap year travels, Zermeen Shah has a passion for all things travel related, whether it be food, culture or meeting new people.

Ethiopian food, culture of travel

Ethiopian food in New York

Street dancing in Nicaragua, culture of travel

Street dancing in Nicaragua.

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