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Accommodation – getting the best rate

A few weeks ago I posted a few tips on finding the best flight prices. I bring you my Thursday tips on finding the best accommodation rate

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Compare hotel prices and find the best deal -

  1. Use hotel comparison websites to find accommodation in your chosen town/city.
  2. Pick the dates you want to travel wisely. City wide events (e.g. Tomatina festival) may push up the prices of accommodation in a town/city and surrounding areas. Be as flexible as possible.
  3. Set yourself a daily budget as to how much you want to spend on accommodation.
  4. Do some research in to areas where you want to stay. Often the cheapest hotels are located outside of the main city centre or close to airports. If you are well connected by transport, why not stay a bit further away from the main city? Provided transport is a reasonable cost that is.
  5. Check the website of the hotel/hostel directly as they often give you a best rate guarantee.
  6. If you can, book flights and hotels as one package, as often you save money booking as a package.
  7. Apartments are a great way to save money and you have the flexibility to cook also.
  8. Use filters on hotel comparison websites to sort through the services you need. Do you really need a swimming pool?
  9. Check out TripAdvisor to see how your hotel as rated with other guest – but take reviews with a pinch of salt.
  10. Think carefully about whether you want to book a rate with breakfast included. Its often much cheaper to grab a quick bite from a supermarket.
  11. Sign up to a hotel rewards programme for the best rates. Melia hotels (for example) provide a lower rate if you are a member of their programme. Whilst the saving isn’t so much in this instance every little helps right.


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