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Why I choose to stay Barceló

With sun, sand, sea and what I argue is one of the best cuisines in Europe,  its no wonder Spain is the third most popular travel destination in the world, with 60.7 million tourists visiting in 2013.

I first went to Spain as a child. I have vague memories of seeing the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona amongst other things, but Spain wasn’t somewhere that was really on my radar until a few summers back when my family and I visited Madrid. I subsequently returned to the beautiful country and even spent just under a month last summer in Alicante, Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona.

The Barceló Group

One of the things I love and sometimes hate about Spain is the “mañana” [tomorrow] attitude. Everything is super relaxed which is great, but at times super super annoying especially for an inpatient Londoner. So, when I discovered a gem in the Barceló Hotels it was something I tried my hardest to seek out on the rest of my trip in Spain. Founded in 1931, the Barceló Group has years of expertise in the tourism industry with over 140 hotels in 17 countries.

This global presence means a range of different themed hotels ideal for every type of traveller. Ranging from your your chic city hotel (Barceló Old Town Praha), your all inclusive resort (Barceló Maya Palace Deluxe) and total luxury experiences (Barceló Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa). It seems the Barceló Group have it all covered.

I have stayed in a few Barceló Hotels in Spain and also at the all inclusive Barceló Solymar Arenas Blancas Resort in Cuba. Where Barceló beats its competitors is in its unrivalled hospitality and friendly staff who really go out of their way to make sure you have a great stay. From organising airport transfers to amazing breakfast’s and evening entertainment (Barceló all inclusive resorts) its no wonder the company are leading the way in the tourism industry. It’s therefore no surprise the Barceló Group has won numerous industry awards in travel industry excellence, gastronomy and for a strong commitment to the environment.

Barceló fruits

Perhaps one of the best things about Barceló Hotels and Resorts unlike other hotels is the level of personalised service you get from staff. A few years ago in Cuba I was lucky enough to witness a wedding at the Barceló Solymar Arenas Blancas Resort. It was such a beautiful moment. A beach side ceremony, two musicians, a few loved ones to witness it all and the rest of the beach watching this intimate moment. To organise it all the hotel had a wedding planner whom the bride hugged and thanked as the ceremony ended. A small gesture to some, but it shows the quality of the personalised service the hotel offered to the newly married couple.

It’s for this reason I truly think the Barceló Group have grown from strength to strength, and also the reason I choose to stay Barceló.

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