10 must see places to visit in Germany

Think of a going on holiday and the chances are you probably wouldn’t think about going to Germany. I’m here to convince you the exact opposite. Germany is full of history, has a great cultural scene and us full of natural beauty. Here is Earth Uncovered’s guide to the top 10 places to visit in Germany.

1. Dresden

Dresden was so severely bombed in World War Two, the city has literally been rebuilt from the ground up. The most beautiful thing about Dresden is the Dresden Frauenkirche which was bombed during WW2 and left as a war memorial until the point of German reunification. Following this, the church was rebuilt and subsequently reopened in October 2005.

Germany - Dresden - sunset

2. Neuschwanstein Castle

I have visited Neuschwanstein Castle twice now in summer and winter. Set amongst idyllic scenery this Disney like castle is a true architectural beauty. The story behind the castle and King Ludwig is even more fascinating…


3. Berlin

Those of you that know me will know Berlin is one of my favourite cities in Europe. The former divided city is full of history with a great artistic scene in hipster East Berlin. Don’t believe me…book a cheap flight and check it out.

Brandenburger Tor, Berlin, Germany

4. Garmisch

Garmisch is a beautiful Bavarian town in the hart of the alps. With spectacular views and a whole host of activities for the outdoor adventurer you will fall in love with Garmisch.

Strong Bonds retreat in Garmisch, Germany, January 2011

5. Cologne

Think of Cologne and the first image which comes to mind is the spectacular cathedral. Voted as one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country it won’t take you long to figure out why. Alongside this beautiful building Cologne plays host to a great arts scene with its museums covering all periods of art from the middle ages to the present .

Cologne Cathedral

6. Nuremberg

Take a stroll in Nuremberg and you ate surrounded by history. Set in the shadow of the old imperial tower Gothic architecture, colourful and quaint buildings dominate Nuremberg old city. Head out of town slightly to the Palace of Justice and and witness courtroom 600, home of the famous Nuremberg trials.

Nuremberg Town Hall from the top floor of the Town Museum

7. Leipzig

Leipzig’s cultural scene dates back hundreds of years. It’s where Goethe studied, Bach worked and where Wagner was born. On par with Berlin, Leipzig is well known for its arts and music scene with the Leipziger Notenspur trail which opened in 2012 linking many of the key sites of musical relevance in the beautiful city.

Leipzig, Bundesverwaltungsgericht am Simsonplatz

8. Heidelberg

A visit to Heidelberg won’t be complete without a visit to its spectacular castle, perched on top of a hill overlooking the town. Step inside, be transported back in time and explore German History at its finest.

Heidelberg evening - Old Bridge / Neckar @Lumix GM1

9. Black Forest

Think of Black Forest and you probably think of Gateau. As well as Gateau, the Black Forest region in South-Western Germany offers a plentiful supply of all things nature from hiking trails, cycle paths, waterfalls and world class spas.

Black Forest Stream in Spring

10. Munich

Besides the world famous Octoberfest, Munich is well known for its Christmas markets and historical city centre, featuring world renowned museums and art galleries. Add to that Bavarian heritage, the 1972 Olympic games and great night-life and you can see why Munich is Germany’s second city.

Munich Cityscape

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