Jellyfish crop circle

10 amazing things in Google Earth

Here is my pick of 10 amazing things which you can view in Google Earth. Click the photos to open a larger version of the images. All pictures courtesy of Google Earth.

 1. Aeroplane graveyard – Tucson, Arizona.

Aeroplane graveyard with google earth

2. Plane flying over Bloomsbury Square, London (image from 2010).

Taken from 2010 - 51.5189° N, 0.1228° W

 3. Camels – Chad, Africa.


4. Elephants – Chad, Africa.


5. Ayers Rock – Australia

Ayers Rock


6. Jesus Loves you Sign – Boise National Forest, Boise, Idaho, USA.

Jesus loves you

7. Memorial to the victims of flight UTA 772 – Niger, Africa.

UTA Flight 772 Desert Memorial

8. Capsised Costa Concordia – Island of Giglio, Italy (image from 2012)

Costa Concordia

9. The Palm Jumeirah – Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The Palm Dubai

10. Jellyfish Crop Circle, Swindon, England.

Jellyfish crop circle


Click here to download Google Earth.

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