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Tips on grabbing yourself the cheapest flight

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I always manage to find the cheapest flights, my record being 17 Euros from Venice to Rome with Alitalia (baggage and a snack included). My friends and family always ask me how I manage to do this so I thought I would share some of my tips with you:

Get the best flight rates

  1. Don’t discount flying with scheduled carriers. With many low cost carriers by the time you add in the cost of luggage and transport to/from the airport (often in more remote areas) it works out cheaper to fly with a scheduled airline.
  2. Be as flexible as you can in your travel dates.
  3. If you can, avoid travelling on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as often these days are more expensive than weekdays. The same goes for public holidays.
  4. Change your destination airport to other airports which are nearby. For example flying London to Basel and getting a train to Zurich is sometimes cheaper than flying from London to Zurich.
  5. Use flight comparison websites such as Momondo. Momondo has an excellent function allowing you to search for flights across the whole month. You can see the peaks and troughs and then choose a date which is best for you (see the picture below).
  6. Flying via a country is often much cheaper than a direct flight.
  7. Don’t restrict yourself to certain airlines just because you can earn points by flying with one airline (though I am guilty of this).
  8. Multi stop flights are often a great way to save money. Use the multiple cities function on Momondo to search for multi-stop flights.
  9.  Don’t book your flight at the last minute as you will often get charged a heafty supplement. A recent survey suggested the best time to book is 54 days before you travel.
  10. Flights and hotel packages often provide great multi-buy savings, so consider booking both at the same time. There are also options to book hotels for only part of your trip also.
  11. Don’t forget about your high street travel agents. Many have access to exclusive fares and can often beat their competitors prices by £1, $1 or €1 (not a huge saving, but every little helps right).

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  1. Anvero says:

    Thx Mate!
    This is what I needed. finally interesting blog 😉


  2. krishan says:

    I’ve also heard websites can use cookies to see if you’ve check for certain flights, and when you return to the site to view the same flight, the displayed price rises. Apparently browsing in incognito or private browsing can save you some dough.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Krishan. I have come across lots of things similar to this. Apparently there is some rule against this but many of the airlines do this anyway, so yes, great tip.

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