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The secret airlines don’t want you to know, that could save you hundreds

Every week, I come across hundreds of travel deals to various exotic, and some non-exotic locations. One of the things which really amazes me is the amount of money you could save just by taking a slight detour. Lately, a number of the deals I have found always seem to start in either Stockholm, Oslo, Warsaw, Madrid, Barcelona or Vienna. Whilst extra time travelling may not be convenient for all, for a slight detour you can save hundreds on your airline ticket, particularly if you are flying long-haul. This can even be with the same airline as I illustrate below.

Getting to Beijing

Usually I always use the flight comparison site Momondo when booking a flight. However, to make it a fair comparison, this time round I went directly to British Airways.

Flying from London to Beijing on the 19th October and returning on the 29th October, a return ticket with British Airways costs £714.16 (€979.14*). Take note on the 19th you are flying on flight BA0039 and on the 29th you are flying on flight BA0038.

London to Beijing return

Change your flight parameters slightly and fly from Stockholm to Beijing and Beijing to Vienna and you get a flight cost of 4,169 SEK which is approximately £320.41/€439.47*. Note that the flight is via London and that you are taking flight BA0039 from London to Beijing on the 19th and flight BA0038 from Beijing to London on the 29th. Even with two more flights, you are paying less than half for ultimately flying on the same flights.

Stockholm to Beijing with British Airways

Some of you may argue the cost of additional flights to/from Stockholm or Vienna with accommodation doesn’t make it financially viable. I argue if you are making savings of less than £393.75/€539.67* (price difference flying from London direct versus from Stockholm and back to Vienna) then it’s definitely worth it. A quick search on Momondo for flights (day before and after- taking in to account flight departure/landing times) and for accommodation and I can confidently say you will definitely make a saving. Multiply any potential savings by a family of four and you could save over £1500/€2058*.

Those of you who are thinking ahead may say “why don’t I just book this flight and get on/off at London. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. If you miss one of your flights, your whole journey will be voided by the airline. Also, if you are thinking about skipping your London to Vienna flight at the end just remember you won’t be able to collect your luggage in London.

For comparison, I looked at flying from Stockholm to Beijing and returning from Beijing to London. The flight costs 5,606 SEK which is approximately, £430.58/€590.92*. Still a substantial saving to be made.

Stockholm to Beijing to London return

Moral of the story, flying from London is expensive. Also, think carefully about your routing as you could have hundreds. I reckon I have saved at least £3000/€4116 in my long distance air travel in the past few years.

*Please note all prices are indicative and have been converted using the daily rate set by Visa on the 31st August 2015.  At the time of booking your credit/debit card provider may charge for a transaction in foreign currency.

Earth Uncovered cannot be held responsible for any missed flight connections which may incur additional costs as a result of how you booked your ticket.

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