Travel tip: How to save money on your next holiday

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Its that time of the year again.  The festive season has passed and as winter sets in thoughts inevitably turn to holiday, where when, how and most importantly the cost. There are various things that a typical traveller can do to save costs not only on flights but often on accommodation. Earth Uncovered shares some of the top money saving tips for your next holiday.

Save on flights next time you travel

  • Direct flights are considerably more expensive than indirect ones.
  • Travelling from Europe is often a lot cheaper than from UK. So the trick is to take a low cost flight to a European city and then fly long haul from there.
  • Best day to travel is Tuesday in a week although often flights can be had cheap on Wednesday and Thursday. However weekend travel is a no no as flights tend to be at their most expensive.
  • The obvious time to avoid flying is during school holidays, so July/August, December and Easter to be avoided.
  • Research shows that the cheapest day to book is 54 days before the flight date.
  • Often booking very early in the morning can be beneficial as seats are released early morning.
  • Booking individual single flights rather than return can be considerably cheaper, especially if it involves different airlines.
  • A trick for savvy users, is to delete the browsing history in your web browser as companies leave tracking cookies each time you visit a site and clever algorithms increase price in relation to the interest you show.

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Cheap Hotels

  • The optimal booking time is a month in advance or few days either side. But booking well in advance can be very expensive and is not advisable.  However this varies from country to country.
  • In general, hotels in Spain should be booked the furthest in advance (up to seven weeks before the travel date), followed by Italy, the UK, Germany and finally France, where hotels can be booked just two weeks in advance for the best prices.”
  • Weekend bookings in the business centre of a major city can be very cost effective. Hotels are usually empty at these time as the business travellers have gone for the weekend. Sundays are often the cheapest with also greater likelihood of getting an upgrade.
  • As with flights, school holidays are a no no, however the one month period between mid December and mid January is least busy for most hotels and bargains can be had for a discerning traveller.
  • Many hotel chains offer non-refundable deals at a really good rate which is worth considering.
  • Often hotels offer good deals directly on their web site so always worth considering, so booking direct can have its advantages.
  • Sites such as has “top secret” hotels offer excellent deals where the name of the hotels is not revealed until you have paid. Often there are enough clues in the deal to be able to work out the hotel being offered.

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