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Warsaw to Mumbai flight

Thursday tip: new security regulations

A question of airport security Probably one of the most common holiday worries or questions people have is “can I take this through security”?  Even a few weeks back I […]

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Thursday tip: Travel Money

Hints and tips with travel money I have been asked a few times what I do about travel money when abroad. Here are some useful tips to get you thinking: Accept […]

Thursday Tip: Trains instead of planes

When travelling in Europe don’t forget the trains. Perfect example for you. Youth fare London to Brussels on the Eurostar 4th – 10th June  is £110 return taking  1 hour 51 minutes each […]

Thursday Tip:

Toilet paper: That’s right, you read correctly. From experience, I know many places in the world don’t always have toilet paper. Depending on where I am travelling in the world […]

Thursday tip

Read carefully before booking: In the last few months many of the traditional scheduled airlines have changed their pricing structure in order to compete with low cost carriers. Often the […]