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Hotel not Hotel Amsterdam

5 unusual places to stay in Amsterdam

With canals dating back over 200 years, quaint cafe’s and great artistic scene, it’s no surprise that Amsterdam is hot on destination list of many travellers. No longer the stag-do capital […]

Santorini, Greece

Santorini: The stunning Greek island you HAVE to visit

Known as the “Black Pearl of the Aegean”, Santorini is located Southern Aegean Sea, 120 miles southeast of mainland Greece. A popular destination on the European tourist trail, it’s no surprise tourists […]

The best spa in Prague

Top spa experiences in Prague

Prague is definitely one of the top contenders for my favourite European city. Having been to the city a few times I’m fascinated by central Prague and its maze of cobbled […]

Santorini, Greece

Should I go to Greece?

If you are heading to or contemplating a trip to Greece you are no doubt aware that the country’s economic problem has made global news. With Greece in a state economic turmoil, […]

Tempelhof Airport Berlin

Tempelhof: Berlin’s abandoned airport

Berlin Tempelhof Airport was formerly the main airport of Berlin. It played a pivotal role in the Berlin airlift of 1948-1949 where it literally became the lifeline of West Berlin. With […]

London Rooftop Bar, Roofnic

The best rooftop bars in London

The rare moments we get some sunshine in London we all want to enjoy it in style. Here’s Earth Uncovered’s guide to the best rooftop bars in London for a happy […]

London Underground sign

Am I too nice for the London Underground?

No fewer than three times this week have I missed getting on a London underground train? My problem, I’m just too nice when it comes to commuting. Don’t get me […]

Lobby of the Barceló Torre Arias Hotel in Madrid, Spain.

Barceló Torre Arias: Hotel Review

Majestic Madrid is one of my favourite European cities. It’s full of history, culture, great food and most importantly, as a Brit lots and lots of sunshine. Each time I have been […]

Northern Lights Iceland

10 stunnning images of the Northern Lights

As the best period to see the Northern Lights draws to an end, Earth Uncovered shares some of the best images of the spectacular natural phenomenon from Instagram.

Abandoned Berlin Blub Berlin air and Badeparadies

Blub: Berlin’s abandoned pools

Berlin is the city that never ceases to amaze me. Every time I go, it seems there is something new and interesting to explore in what I argue is Europe’s […]

What are people most obsessed with where you live?

Prostitutes, kidneys & nose jobs are just a handful of the top Google requests in countries worldwide.

A different perspective

New Zealand born photographer Amos Chapple takes the world of photography quite literally to new heights. Mounting a camera to a drone Amos has photographed some of the worlds most iconic […]

Hilton Berlin Hotel

Hilton Berlin Hotel: Hotel Review

It’s no secret Berlin is one of my favourite European cities. A few weeks back I was fortunate to stay at the five star Hilton Berlin Hotel. Right from check-in to […]


City Guide: Zurich

Despite being the biggest city of Switzerland Zurich may seem rather small when compared to other major cities. Yet – or precisely for this reason – it is a metropolis […]

Ryanair to fly to Castellon Airport

Ryanair Starts Flights to Spanish Ghost Airport

Ryanair has reached an agreement to bring one of the world’s most notorious ghost airports to life.