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Rio de Janiero, Brazil, Brazilian Cuisine

Get inspired with Brazilian cuisine

Brazil’s name over the years has been closely associated with images of football, favelas (poor neighbourhoods), beaches and bikini-clad women playing volleyball. Although it is true that it does indeed […]

Bouillante, Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe: Caribbean paradise

The French archipelago of Guadeloupe is situated in the sunny and beautiful Caribbean, more precisely, sandwiched between the island of Dominica to the south and Antigua & Barbuda and Montserrat […]

7 tips for visiting the Florida Keys on a budget

It’s a place more like a Caribbean island than the rest of the USA – the Florida Keys are a tropical paradise that’s easy to reach by car from the […]

Iguana - florida keys

7 Unique Wildlife Encounters In The Florida Keys

All the way at the southern tip of the Florida peninsula you’ll find the Florida Keys – a string of islands that have more in common with Caribbean islands than […]

Northern Lights Iceland

10 stunnning images of the Northern Lights

As the best period to see the Northern Lights draws to an end, Earth Uncovered shares some of the best images of the spectacular natural phenomenon from Instagram.

What are people most obsessed with where you live?

Prostitutes, kidneys & nose jobs are just a handful of the top Google requests in countries worldwide.

Trinidad, Cuba

Cuba: The Essentials

The big buzz in the travel industry at the moment seems to be Cuba. Everywhere I look people are talking about the island as one of the top 10 destinations to […]

Business class La Compagnie plane

Cheap business class flights from London and New York

La Compagnie launches business class-only flights between London and New York Flying from London Luton to Newark International, La Compagnie’s new business class-only flights promise to revolutionise the market.

New york

New York City Guide

As New York Fashion week approaches, check out Earth Uncovered’s city guide to the Big Apple, written in conjunction with fashion and lifestyle magazine WOW Berlin Mag.

Disney Park California

Doing Disney …. The Adult Way

Disney the Adult way I have visited the Disney theme parks in the US as an adult twice up until this summer, once in Florida, which left me with a […]

Car in Cuba

Cuba at a crossroads

Communism at a crossroads: Those of you  who know me, know that one of my biggest passions and interests is Cuba. I was first captivated by this island in 2006. […]

New york

Expired: UK (including London) to New York from £231/€300 return

Fly to New York from £231/€300 return Departures from London, Birmingham, Inverness, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh. Click here to search flights Search and compare 100’s of hotel booking websites to find the […]

Cancun playa del carmen mexico travel guide

Travel guide: Cancun & Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Travel guide to the Yucatán Peninsula It seems this year so many people I know are spending some time in Cancun or the surrounding area. In a slight detraction from […]

Jellyfish crop circle

10 amazing things in Google Earth

Here is my pick of 10 amazing things which you can view in Google Earth. Click the photos to open a larger version of the images. All pictures courtesy of […]

Hotels with amazing views

Here is my pick of hotels with the best views in the world. Sadly they all come with a high price tag.