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Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang, North Korea

Christmas in Pyongyang, North Korea

“Does Kim Jong Un live in Pyongyang?”  A rather ‘safe’ question I thought to myself. The response I got “probably”, with minimum eye contact as our Korean tour guide hastily […]

Vegetarian restaurants in Beijing

Vegetarian restaurants in Beijing

The Chinese are famous for eating just about anything! You just have to walk on the streets of Beijing to see all kinds of animals in various shapes and sizes hanging […]

Places to eat in Amsterdam. Interior of Wilde Zwijnen

Where to dine, drink and dance in Amsterdam

Along with tulips, bikes and coffee-shops, Amsterdam is well known for its cuisine. Whilst the selection available may not rival London or Paris, the ever growing restaurant scene provides some amazing foods from […]

The best spa in Prague

Top spa experiences in Prague

Prague is definitely one of the top contenders for my favourite European city. Having been to the city a few times I’m fascinated by central Prague and its maze of cobbled […]

London Rooftop Bar, Roofnic

The best rooftop bars in London

The rare moments we get some sunshine in London we all want to enjoy it in style. Here’s Earth Uncovered’s guide to the best rooftop bars in London for a happy […]

Abandoned Berlin Blub Berlin air and Badeparadies

Blub: Berlin’s abandoned pools

Berlin is the city that never ceases to amaze me. Every time I go, it seems there is something new and interesting to explore in what I argue is Europe’s […]

Wat Arun temple Bangkok

One night in Bangkok…and a bit longer

From a rich culture and shoppers paradise to top notch food, Matt Taylor shares the things to see and do when visiting Bangkok.

Trinidad, Cuba

Cuba: The Essentials

The big buzz in the travel industry at the moment seems to be Cuba. Everywhere I look people are talking about the island as one of the top 10 destinations to […]


City Guide: Zurich

Despite being the biggest city of Switzerland Zurich may seem rather small when compared to other major cities. Yet – or precisely for this reason – it is a metropolis […]

Madrid Gran Via

Introducing Madrid

Madrid has earned its reputation as Europe’s city which never sleeps. Whether you explore the hidden passages of the central districts, sample cultural Madrid or party on late in to […]

Alexanderplatz Berlin

City Guide: Berlin, Germany

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989 no European city has experienced change at such a rapid pace than Berlin. A hub for creativity, entertainment and shopping, […]

New york

New York City Guide

As New York Fashion week approaches, check out Earth Uncovered’s city guide to the Big Apple, written in conjunction with fashion and lifestyle magazine WOW Berlin Mag.

Where to eat in Barcelona

The capital of Catalonia is full of amazing restaurants to suit all budgets. Check out Earth Uncovered’s guide to eating out in Barcelona. 

Sagrada Familia Spain Barcelona

City Guide: Barcelona, Spain

 City Guide: Barcelona When it comes to Barcelona, I can tell you from first hand experiences it really is a city of contrasts. Perhaps the best description which I have […]

Vienna Skyline

City Guide: Vienna, Austria

Vienna – Coffee, Cake, burgers and something to complain about   Vienna lends itself very well to tourism in the form of its quaint but grand architecture and its many […]